November 22-24 2004, Zilina, Slovakia
1st International Conference on Research in Air Transportation - ICRAT 2004
   -    "focused on young researchers"

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18th June 2004
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  2nd August 2004

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ICRAT - International Conference on Research in Air Transportation
The European Union is soon to undergo significant changes with the accession of ten new member states, bringing the population to 560 million. The accession of these new member states will vastly enhance the potential mobility of their citizens, offering both new employment and leisure possibilities. As a consequence, significant regional growth in air transport demand can be expected, necessitating improvements to air traffic management procedures and infrastructure.

The trend in Europe, and indeed all around the world, indicates that young graduates are reluctant to invest their time and knowledge in Research and Development, preferring instead the more dynamic career possibilities offered within industry. Research in air transport has not been immune to this situation and consequently there is a necessity to foster certain skill sets and also to improve levels of international collaboration. In so doing, the Research and Development community and particularly those sponsoring the work, will benefit from more targeted research, reduced overlap and optimisation of capital expenditure.

Against this background, the University of Zilina Air Transportation Engineering Department (Slovakia), in collaboration with EUROCONTROL, is organising an international conference to bring together young researchers from Eastern European countries and all over the world in order to share their work in a friendly and supportive environment. This conference, taking place in the heart of the ‘new Europe’, where significant growth in the volume of air transport is expected in the coming years aims to address
a wide range of research topics from the physics of flight through to issues of human factors. The conference will also place considerable emphasis on the development of future concepts and will seek innovative ideas in the domain of future airport developments and more integrated transport networks.

Within such an environment, researchers will be able to share their experiences, expand their professional network and consequently to improve their work. All submitted conference papers will be reviewed by
a number of prominent members and decision makers within the air transportation community. All selected papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference.



2nd ICRAT will take place in June 2006,
in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro).
Call for papers will be published in 2nd Q 2005.

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